About Politikon

In light of the increasing circulation of false information, it is more important than ever that social science and humanities researchers share their expertise with the public at large.

This is why we have founded Politikon.

We publish succinct analyses of current affairs by scholars who are experts on the issues under consideration. We will identify the most relevant research in our fields to provide policy-makers and society at large with a basis for considered judgments and decisions. Our aim is to debunk unfounded claims and to enhance public discourse with evidence-based arguments.

The social sciences and
related disciplines

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The social sciences investigate political and societal actors, structures, and processes. They seek to understand, explain, and improve the organization of, and relations between, social communities. Ideally, the knowledge they generate helps to make possible free and humane living conditions.

The social sciences and their neighboring disciplines include anthropology, communication studies, economics, history, law, philosophy, political science, psychology, and sociology, among others.


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Our core values


Politikon is politically neutral, but we by no means lack conviction. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights constitutes our normative framework.

We respect and protect the dignity of all human beings. We are committed to truthfulness and academic freedom. And we stand up for democracy, equal rights, and freedom from discrimination.

Our 10 founding principles

Politikon is based on ten irrevocable founding principles, which guide us in all our activities:

We are transparent

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Information requires trust; trust necessitates transparency. This is why we have joined the Transparent Civil Society Initiative by Transparency International.

As a result, we commit ourselves to informing regularly about our activities, our donors, and the use of our funds, among other things.

Get involved!

Politikon is a collaborative project. It can only work if our colleagues in the social sciences and humanities support us.