As a signatory of the Transparent Civil Society Initiative of Transparency International Germany, we are committed to providing the public with the following information about our organization:

1. Name, registered office, address, registration number, and year of foundation

Name: Politikon gemeinnützige UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Registered office: Berlin


Politikon gemeinnützige UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Ostender Strasse 34
13353 Berlin


Registration number: HRB 207322 B

Year of foundation: 2019

2. Complete statutes and information on the objectives, mission, and main principles of our organization

Statutes (

Information about our mission and the associated goals (

Information on our mission statement and our ten founding principles (

3. Details of the tax concession

On October 20, 2020, the Berlin Tax Office recognized Politikon as a non-profit organization for the promotion of academic research, political education, and democracy. We are therefore exempt from corporate income tax. For a scan of the Tax Office’s certificate, please see here (Link).

Our tax number: 27/612/06707

4. Name and function of key decision-makers and boards 

See Imprint (

See the description of our organizational structure and boards (

5. Report on the activities of our organization

Progress report (

6. Personnel structure

All of our 25 subject editors are volunteers.

Description of the team (

7. Information on the sources of our funds

We provide regular updates about the sources of all our funds:

List of our supporters with the type of support they provide or the amount of their donation (

8. Information on the use of our funds

We provide regular updates on the use of our funds:

List of all our expenses (

9. Legal affiliation with third parties

Politikon is independent from other organizations and institutions. There is no legal affiliation with third parties.

10. Names of persons whose annual donations represent more than 10% of Politikon’s total annual budget 

As mentioned above, we provide the names of all our supporters without exception:

List of our supporters with the type of support or the amount of their donation (